Organ Cave, Ronceverte, West Virginia

10/01/05 - 10/02/05 Dan Lucier, Dave Lago, and Greg Scharer

Guides: Troy and Janet

Dave and Dan Before†

Getting ready‡

Approaching the cave‡

Dave on the rock slide‡

Greg on little straddle‡

Greg on little straddle‡

Troy - Bull Rider, Lineman, and Spelunker‡

Dave and Greg in the Thrown Room‡

Dave and Janet‡

Dave in the Dog Room‡

Greg in the cave‡


Troy Dan Janet and Dave in the Sand Room‡

Greg in the Sand Room‡

Janet and Troy planning‡

Departing the Sand Room‡

Dan with Hanley Column‡

Traversing past stalactites‡

Greg down climbing‡

Dave crawling‡

Dave in the passage‡

Everyone crawling‡

Back tracking a dead end‡


Troy climbing‡

Greg climbing‡


Large portion of Hanley Room‡

Dave Lago in Hanley Room†

Dan Lucier in Hanley Room†

Dave Dan and Greg in Hanley Room†

Janet with the map†

Rocks in the Hanley Room†

Feature Tunnel on hunt for TT Crawl†

Feature Tunnel on hunt for TT Crawl†

Dave behind a rock‡

Greg and popcorn formations‡

Dan and popcorn formations†

Searching for TT Crawl‡

Dave crawling‡

Greg in low passage‡


Hanley chute‡

Parkway of death‡

Greg and Janet climbing‡

Dave climbing‡

Dave and Greg‡

Janet down climbing‡

Dan self portrait‡

Dave and Stalactites‡

Dan and Stalactites†

Dave and Hanley formation‡

Greg maneuvering around rocks‡

Hickory Farms for dinner‡

Luxury accommodations‡

Greg packing out‡

Dan and Greg‡

Greg Dan and Dave‡

Greg crawling out‡

Dan about to descend‡

Hopper Room Dan and Dave†

Hopper Room Dave Dan and Greg†

Dave Dan and Troy†

Dave Dan and Greg in the Hopper Room†

Hopper Room Graffiti - Notice 1874†

Graffiti from 1906‡

Hopper Room Long Eared Bat†

Hopper Room Dave and Dan†

Hopper Room Thermometer†

Dave with Organ†

Organ detail†

Dan and the Organ formation‡

Dan near the Organ formatio‡

Dave and the Organ formation‡

Greg and the Organ formation‡

Organ Detail†

Snowy Mountain Detail†

Dave Dan Greg†

Feature details†

Feature details†

Packing out‡

Cave Exit†

Approaching cave exit‡

Dan and Dave on Bridge at Exit†

Final acsent‡

Dave Dan Greg Post†

After picture‡

Where did we go?‡

† Greg Scharer Photographer

‡ Dan Lucier Photographer