Clock tower with the moon

Dusk over the River Maas

Wendy Exiting the Water Taxi

Euromast above the trees

View from 1st Euromas Platform towards Eurasmus Bridge and Hotel New York

View of Drawbridge from Euromast Capsule

River Traffic from Euromast Capsule

Boijman Van Beuningen Museum approach


Suspended Tree Sculpture in Bronze

Euromast and Maas River Tunnel Vent from the Spido

Citrus Fruit Importation Facilities

Ship in Dry Dock

Ship Containers

Hotel New York

Red Bridge from the Water Taxi to the Wedding

Rich Goll and Dave Okonkwo before the wedding

Dave signing the books

Quirine signing the books

The bride and the best hat of the wedding

Greg and Wendy at the Reception

Pat Shea next to a very tall Dutch Gentleman

Fijis at the Wedding

Old meets new

Lock Closet Detail

Greg really psyched on the chow

Dave and Quirine arrive

Dancing outside the Yacht Club

Dave and his Mom Dancing

Bill Olinger arrives with the pies

The pie hits its mark

Collateral Damage

Bill successfully elevated by the sister of the bride

Wendy and the Watzman with Berchtesgaden in background

The Watzman above Berchtesgaden

The Whitmonday Parade Approaching

Salt Miner detail

The Watzman

Dried Flower Detail

Wall Sconce in Hitler's Elevator Tunnel

Bumble Bee Detail

Berchtesgaden from Below

Colorful Flowers by a blue wall

Bee hives in the city

View towards St. Bartholoma

View towards St. Bartholoma

Overhung Cliff

St Bartholoma with Mountain

Barn at St Bartholoma

Interior of St Bartholoma with Wendy

St Johann and Paul Chapel with Greg on bridge

Lavender Flower Detail


Shoreline and Reflections

Waterfall Detail

Ferns Detail

Above Obersee

Brown and White Cows detail

Pastries Details

House with Firewood piled around the window

Purple Lilacs

Stream Channel

In Action

Churning Water Detail

Fern Covered Tree

Forrest Ferns and Rocks


Cemetary and Church

Beautiful Headstones

Greg waiting to tour the Salzbergwerks

The Watzman and a construction crane

Wendy on a bridge

Dinner at the Golden Bear Café - Pork Leg with Dumplings, Numerburger Sausages, and Smoked Fish Salad

Konigliches Schloss Courtyard