Pancakes in painting

Wendy at picnic spot

Delicious Canned Sausages and HNY 319 Room Key

Rich with the chow

Greg really psyched on the chow

Buffet Detail

Snacks in Room 23 of Hotel Krone

Dinners - Venison Goulash and "Farmers Meal"


Pastries Details

Dinners at Dalmacija - Mixed Grill and Cheese Broccoli with Potato Pancakes

Wendy enjoying lunch

Café Ertl Struddle and Torte

Dinner at the Golden Bear Café - Pork Leg with Dumplings, Numerburger Sausages, and Smoked Fish Salad

Golden Bear Sign

Restaurant from First Night in Berchtesgaden

Food Gifts in Reagent Hotel in Munchen