Day 3, Wedding and Formal Party 05/29/04

Random Wedding Couple from Water Tax Port

Guys in Tuxedos

Red Bridge from the Water Taxi to the Wedding

Beneath the Red Bridge

Red Bridge through the wake

Rich Goll on the Way to the Wedding

Bridge by the Wedding Site

Mike Lin, Wendy, and Bill Olinger before the Wedding

Rich Goll and Dave Okonkwo before the wedding

Wedding Singers

The entrance of the Bride

Dave and Quirine at the start of the Wedding

Quirine looking to her parents

Quirine and Dave Kissing

Dave signing the books

Quirine signing the books

Rich signing the books

The leader of ceremonies signing the books

The happy couple receiving guests

The wedding cake and Greg

The bride and the best hat of the wedding

Wendy is shocked by the whole thing

Greg and Wendy at the Reception

View from the Wedding Site

Rich next to a very tall Dutch Gentleman

Pat Shea next to a very tall Dutch Gentleman

Wedding Singers

The Golos' and Sheas

Rich and the Webcam

Crushing Rich Goll's Head

The Golos' and Sheas

Wendy crushing Mike Lin's Head

Fijis at the Wedding

Fijis at the Wedding

Fijis at the Wedding

Dave's Crew

Leaving the wedding

Pictures of Sheep

Trying to Crush a Sheeps Head

Mike and Jason waiting for the water taxi

Water Taxi Arriving

Old meets new

Drawbridge detail

Drawbridge detail

Café Rotterdam

HNY through the water taxi spray

Hotel Room 319 Wendy resting up for the big party

Lock Closet Detail

Crew on the wharf awaiting the water taxi

Dancing outside the Yacht Club

The Yacht Club Ceiling Detail

Rich writing his message in a bottle

Yacht Club Patio and Moon

Yacht Club Patio BBQ Detail

Wendy and Rich

Rich with the chow

Greg really psyched on the chow

Dave and Quirine arrive

Dancing outside the Yacht Club

Dave and his Mom Dancing

Bill Olinger arrives with the pies

Mike Lin and Pat Shea with a Bell


Bill Olinger Enjoying some excellent chow

Buffet Detail

Dance Hall Detail

Guests Dancing

The mad Danceman

Wedding guest dancing

Dave and Quirine Dancing

More Dancing

Wendy with Ice Cream

Rich Chowing Down

More Dancing

Bill in wait with a pie

Stylin' Dutch Pinstripes

The Pie Detail - really more of a cake

Greg and Bill with the pie

Pre-pie anticipation

Ready with the Rice

The pie hits its mark

Dave Enjoys a taste of pie

Dave Enjoying the pie facial

Collateral Damage

Only a bit on the bride

Wishing the couple off

Look who caught the bouquet

And they are off

Back to the party

Bill trying - unsuccessfully - to pick up the sister of the bride

Bill successfully elevated by the sister of the bride

Wendy with a glow stick

More Dancing


HNY Room 319 Bathroom

HNY Room 319 with stuff all over