Buck Island Farm, Charlottesville, VA

11-13-05 The Lagos, Carlsons, Williams,
Sugermans, Scharers and Oligner

Kirsten and Harrison‡

Theresa and Max‡

Ethan in his car†

Ethan Theresa and Dave Lago†

Ethan in his car†

Ethan Dave and Erik†

Baby Quilt - Kristen, Melissa,
Harrison, and Samuel†

Austin and Nicholas Eating†

Ethan and Dave◊

Three boys eating pizza◊

Dave and Ethan◊

The Carlson boys◊

Bill Olinger†

Chow Time†

Baby Quilt - Melissa, Samuel, Max,
and Wendy†

Austin and Nicholas in the Wagon
with Greg pulling‡

Ethan and his Daddy†

Darian in his boots†


Dave and Austin†

Boarding the hayride‡

Everyone on the wagon◊

Austin and Ethan on Dave's lap‡

Hayride group shot‡


Start of the hayride†

Group on the hayride†

Farmer Ed†

Sleepy babies on the hayride†

Group on the hayride†

Melissa and Samuel†

Dave and Ethan‡

Ethan on Theresa's lap‡

Ethan looking at cows‡



Max looking serious‡


Pensive Ethan‡

Greg Wendy Max and Nicholas◊


Erik, Will and cows◊

Sleepy Samuel and Melissa with
cow background◊

Cow herd◊

Will and Erik during the hayride◊

Will and Erik in front of Red Barn◊

Doctor Theresa†

Erik Babbling†

Dave teaching auto mechanics◊

Gabrielle and Ethan†

Wagon ride and picnic blanket◊

Will and Nicholas Eating in the Wagon†

Erik and Samuel◊

Samuel and Erik†

Smiling Samuel and Max with their Dads◊

Samuel smiling at Max†

Max smiling at Samuel†

Dave and Harrison†

Austin in the air†

Austin coming in for a landing†

Bill Olinger relaxing†

Will waving in the grass†

Will waving good bye to the Sugarmans†

Will on the slide†

Erik and Will†

Gabrielle peeking†

Guest Quints shot - soon to be joining
the ranks of parents!†

Photography by:

† Wendy and Greg Scharer

‡ Dave and Theresa Lago

◊ Erik and Melissa Carlson