Roaster and Souper Day

11/01/07 Benny, Ed, Stein, and Greg

Benny preparing the fire

Benny with a large roaster

Look at that wingspan

Put chickens into the coop

Chicken detail

Chicken eye

Positioning the chicken

Dispatching the chicken

Souper job Stein!
Video (36mb)

Holding the chicken protects the wings

Stein perfects the single wing calming techique

Allow the chickens to bleed out

This one is ready!

Scald the chickens to loosen the feathers

That one is done!

Removing the feet from the plucked chicken

Chicken feet are considered both delicacies and toys in certain cultures

Benny, Ed, and Stein cutting the roasters

For meal presentation, these chickens are left whole

Developing eggs in the chickens