Dan Lucier, Travis Gunn, and Greg Scharer
Seneca Rocks 10-20-07 and 10-21-07

Gun Sight Direct to South Summit 10/20/07

German Valley

at sunrise

Seneca at dawn

Rising light

Fall scenery

Worrell's thicket

Travis and Dan

Traversing ledge toward Gunsight


Travis and Dan




Dan traversing

Dan below Gunsight

Pitch to Gunsight from east

Partially Cloudy day over

Roy Gap Farm

Dan in the Gunsight

Travis and Dan

Cold climber (David) from Michigan

Greg in the Gunsight

Dan eating sandwich

Travis climbing

Gunsight to Southpeak Direct

Greg climbing

Greg climbing

Dan, Greg, and cold guy

Greg below Gryphon's Beak

Greg above the beak

Topping Out

Greg psyched!

Looking down on the beak

Looking up at Greg

Travis and Greg

Travis hanging out


Summit traverse route

North tower from South Tower

Nearly dry Potomac River fork

Roy Gap Farm

Summit rock detail

Old anchor bolt in summit rock

Travis, Dan, and Greg on South Summit

Dan downclimbing

Rock window near summit

Rock window detail

Another rock window view

Conn's West Rap Station view

Travis about to rappel

Dan rappeling during very crowed day

Travis leading extra pitch

View from south end

Seneca west face in the evening

Chili Cookoff

Fred giving slide show

Dan Leads Old Man's

Dan's anchor at top of 1st pitch of Old Man's

Seneca's shadow


Dan at 2nd anchor

3rd Anchor

Dan at 3rd anchor

Dan near south summit

Rock window near summit

Dan and Greg

Dan about to led scramble pitch to summit

Dan on summit

Roy Gap Farm

Dan and Greg on Summit


Roy Gap Farm

Dan at Upper Traffic Jam rap station

Fall scenery

Rock slabs near critter crack

Rap anchor

Greg set to rap

Dan rappeling

Dan on ledge

Slackers and Stacker

Dan with energy drink

Powering up

Seneca over helipad