Dan Lucier, Travis Gunn, and Greg Scharer
Seneca Rocks 10-20-06 and 10-21-06

Skyline, Up and Comming, and Pine Tree Traverse 10/20/06

German Valley

German Valley Sign

Approaching Seneca

Dan on 1st pitch Skyline

Navy Seals in Training

Dan on Skyline 1st ledge

Dan and Travis

South Pillar

Dan crossing over at start of 2nd pitch

Greg at 2nd ledge Skyline

Rocks detail

Greg at 2nd ledge

Dan tying in with munter

Sassafras leaf

Travis on Up and Comming

Greg on ledge

Dan on Up and Comming

South Pillar colors

Dan high on Up and Comming

Humphrey's Head

Dan and Greg

Humphrey's Head pinnacle from Cockscomb

View from space between slab on Cockscomb west face

Dan and Travis

Dan and Travis

Pinnacle of Cockscomb

View east

Dan climbing

Raven on the Cockscomb

Greg at ledge above traffic jam

Gun Sight to South Summit 10/21/06

Greg and Dan with Kiwi Coils

Travis belaying Dan on Lower Broadway

Griffin's Beak from Gun Sight

North Peak from Gun Sight

View south west from Gun Sight

View south east from Gun Sight

Dan approaching Gun Sight

Dan and Greg in Gun Sight

View north east from Gun Sight

View east from Gun Sight

Lots of climbers on South Peak East Face

Seneca Shadow from Gun Sight

View east from Gun Sight

View of North Peak

Dan climbing

View of South Peak summit travse route

Dan climbing

Greg belaying

View east from summit

Farm detail from summit

Greg on summit

Dan traversing South Summit

Dan Travis and Greg on summit

Travis rapelling from Conn's West

Greg rapelling

Greg rapelling

View south west

Dan belaying Travis on bolted climb

View of Seneca near heli-pad

View of Seneca from near visitors center