Scharer Family
Long Weekend at the Outer Banks of North Carolina
September 28-30, 2007

Day 1 - Arrival at Hilton Garden Inn, Kitty Hawk, NC

Nicholas leaving school early

View from Room 424 Balcony

Mommy getting the boys ready for the beach

Waiting for the elevator

Max on the beach

Nicholas testing the waters

The boys want to swim in the fountain

Mommy, Max, and Nicholas in the outdoor pool

The "Cold Pool" - 82F

Max and Mommy in the hot tub

Family at The Dunes Restaurant

Day 2 - Fun at the Beach

Pre-dawn view from balcony

Nicholas and the fountain

Nicholas heading into the water

Enjoying the water

Wave riding

More waves

Still going

Max and a shell

Moon over yellow bucket

Swirling foam

Max enjoyed the shells

Bird tracks

Mommy and Nicholas


Laughing in the surf


Waving riding

Nicholas, Daddy, and Max in the hot tub

Mommy and Max in the hot tub


Double Ouch!

Hotel courtyard

Nicholas and Mommy on the pier

Max on the pier

Lonely posts

Max on the stairs


Max heading to the beach

Max and Daddy walking

Max w/ Cookie

Boys at rest

Nicholas and Mommy at Miller's

RVs from Miller's

Thick armed jelly fish

Checking out the gazebo

Mommy and Max

Sunset from Miller's

Day 3 - Goodbye Swims and Return Home

Waking up

Max hugging Mommy

Mommy on the balcony

Look! A gas station

Heading to the ocean

I found a shell!

Another one

Chasing crabs

Entering the ocean


Not ready to get out

Heading to the pool

Max and his stick

Daddy in the waves

Foot washing

Breakfast in the Hotel Restaurant

Messy Max!

Nicholas and the fish tanks

Pressing the button

Last hot tub visit

Drinking (dumping) water

Heading to the beach

Surf boy

Loving it


Look at the foam

Big one!

Enjoying the waves

Making a track

All done

Sandy bottom

Nicholas and Daddy in the waves

Nicholas above the spray

BK Playland

How do I get up?

Family at lunch