The Scharer Family Celebrates 13th Wedding Aniversary (August 6)
Animals, Hotel, and Cave Trip in the Shenandoah Valley

Natural Bridge Zoo (August 4, 2007)

Max outside of Natural Bridge Zoo

Max and the Potbellied Pig

Baby goats

Max viewing the baby camels

Daddy feeding the baby camels


Nicholas and the deer

Family and Giraffe

Giraffe detail

Watching the elephant in the shade

Food dispensers were very interesting to the boys

Breaking the rules

Animal watching

Alligator enclosure

Nicholas and the yellow beaked bird

Max riding an alligator

Bear in the bath

Petting Zoo

Dinosaur Kingdom

Foam Henge

Hanging out at Dinosaur Kingdom

This soldier's war of aggression is over!

Nicholas and dinosaur

Nicholas in the giant rib cage

Daddy in the ribs

Riding dinosaurs


Virginia Safari Park

Emu at Safari Park

Mommy and an emu

Mommy and the aggressive camel

Mommy and a buffalo

Mommy and a yak

Bactrian Camels

Friendly llama

Max and kanagroos

Llama boys

Hotel and Dinner in Staunton (Hampton Inn and The Depot Restaurant), August 4-5

Heading to the Hotel

Elevator ride to the pool

Evening swim at the hotel

Pre-dinner hike around Staunton

Mommy and boys on bridge

Family at The Depot Restaurant

Max at the caboose wheel

Nicholas and Max on the caboose


Family post dinner

Shouting in the hotel

Nicholas relaxing

Gas station view room!!!!

8:00 AM swimming lesson

Nicholas and Mommy in the pool

Max and Mommy

Max and Mommy

Max and Mommy

Ouch! "No Diving" sign

Mommy, Max, and Nicholas

Max driving his nose

Max playing in the hotel room

Grand Caverns and Return Home (August 5, 2007)

Waiting to go into Grand Caverns

Nicholas in the cave


Nicholas, Mommy, and Max

Viewing the cave

Nicholas and formation

Nicholas climbing stairs

Nicholas and column

Mommy and (hiding) Max

Nicholas enjoying the cave


Nicholas hands getting cold at the end of the tour

Max at BK Playland

Nicholas at BK Playland

Enjoying lunch

Crawling into the sunset