Pike and Pizza, 06/30/07
Kretsingers and Scharers

Ready to party (in a clean shirt)

Eva and Gigaball with Erik and Askel inside

Eva, Nicholas and Gigaball with Askel, Erik and Bin Bin inside

Stein and the Kermitmobile

Riding in the tractor to the pond

Max and his daddy in the tractor

Eating Goldfish

Erik and Nicholas Fishing

Askel casting

Posing with the fish

Dropping the fish

Removing the hook

Come see the fish!

Checking out the fish

Fishing from the dock

Lounging on the dock

Checking out the chickens

Don't chase the chicken, Max!

Erik and Askel with the fish

Boys and fish

Checking out the pigs

Two sows

Eating pizza

Playing with Thomas the Tank Engine Table

Everyone playing nicely… sort of

Traffic jam

Foot washing and eating watermelon

6 people getting into a Ford Escape

Bye-bye in a very dirty shirt