Mount Rainier, May 24 - 26, 2007 Kautz Route

Curtis Gifford, Geoff Keenan, Rob McGough, Geoff Work, Nick Segalle and Greg Scharer

Kautz Route - Day 1, Climb to 8100ft

05-24-07 All packed up at Cougar Campground †

Approaching Rainier from the road to Paradise †

Staging at the Paradise Visitors center parking lot ‡

Rainier view from Paradise visitors center §

Paradise Visitor Center building †

Group picture at start §

Rainier view from start of trail †

Mountain View ◊

Looking down towards Paradise ◊

Mount St Helens View ◊

Mt Adams View ◊

Approaching Panorama Point †

Fox on protected area †

View of Nisqualle †

Rainier over Nisqualle ◊

Rob and Geoff K ready to rope up ◊

View back from Nisqualle ◊

Greg on Nisqualle †

Team crossing glacier †

View from center of the glacier †

Traversing along edge of the glacier †

View down Nisqualle to Mount Adams †

Geoff, Geoff, Nick, and Curtis during rest break †

Mount Adams detail †

Moon over Muir Snowfield †

Corniced Edge to west of Nisqualle †

Geoff K chowing on Nisqualle ‡

Rob building his karma ‡

Nisqualle icefall ‡

View on Nisqualle §

Nick at rest §

Geoff K on Nisqualle §

Climbing to Wilson Cleaver †

Looking back towards the Nisqualle ‡

Mount Adams getting lower ‡

Geoff K breaking trail ◊

Starting the Wilson Cleaver climb ◊

Steep section ◊

View (basically) north from step section of the Wilson Cleaver †

View down †

Slow climb up †

Campsite one, 8100ft †

Making camp †

View down Wilson Glacier ◊

Sun going down ◊

Fading light †

Kautz Route - Day 2, Climb to 11060ft

05-25-07 Dawn from camp one †

Dawn over the tents †

That is where we are going †

Sun still behind the Muir Snowfield †

Nick making water †

Nisqualle River down in the valley †

Breaking camp †

Destination - just below the icefield at 11600ft †

Another angle †

Yet another ◊

Greg at rest ◊

Rob receiving tlc from Geoff K †

Nick at rest †

Rock outcropping during climb to camp two †

Greg †

Geoff †

Greg again §

Geoff W and Greg climbing §

Curtis adjusting his pack †

Wide view including Mount Adams †

Rock and icefall area †

Curtis chowing †

Greg resting at running water rest area §

View (basically) south from rest spot §

Greg ready to go §

Approaching camp two †

Mount Adams in the haze †

View south east †

Mount Adams in the clouds †

Geoff W and Curtis †

Ice cliffs above camp two †

Different angle §

Greg and Geoff W §

Camp two with Curtis, Nick, and Greg §

View down Turtle snowfield †

Greg and the icefall †

Mount Adams †

Curtis at Camp Two †

Ice cliffs in the fading light †

Greg at Camp Two §

Icecliffs Detail §

Kautz Route - Day 3, Climb to 11540ft and Descent

05-26-07 At the icecliffs at 4:00 AM ◊

Icecliff detail ◊

Geoff W climbing ◊

Looking down from Camp Two †

Ice cliffs from back at Camp Two †

Icecliff detail ◊

Camp two towards Wilson Glacier †

View down Turtle snowfield †

Descending Turle into the clouds †

Clouds detail ◊

View south east during descent ◊

View east during descent ◊

Tip of Mount Adams visible over cloud layer ◊

Descended into near white-out conditions ◊

Another view east †

Descending posthole glutch †

Nick ◊

Greg with Geoff W in background †

Tent on the rocks at around 9500ft †

Descending towards camp one †

Clouds over Nisqualle †

Greg with Mountain in background †

Still descending towards camp one †

Nick Geoff K and Curtis back at Camp One †

View down towards Nisqualle †

View south †

Nick, Geoff K, and Curtis psyched that camp table still there †

Geoff W after recrossing the Nisqualle †

Geoff K and Nick after crossing the Nisqualle †

Geoff W with Nisqualle in background †

Mount Rainier from the flight back to Ontario, CA ◊

Mount Rainier from the flight back to Ontario, CA ◊

† Greg Scharer Photographer

‡ Curtis Gifford Photographer

◊ Nick Segalle Photographer

§ Geoff Work Photographer