Seneca Rocks , Seneca Rocks, West Virginia 05/20/06

South Summit Climb with Guide JJ

Tom Herrick and Greg Scharer

Guide: JJ

Seneca Rocks Mountain Guides ‡

Greg building a ground anchor ‡

Tom mastering belay techniques from JJ †

Tom on first pitch †

Greg on first pitch ‡

Tom untying from saftey †

Greg self portrait †

Tom climbing †

Tom climbing †

Tom climbing †

Tom climbing †

Greg scrambling ‡

Tom and JJ †

View down to Cockscomb †

View from South Summit towards South End †

Tom climbing final rise †

Tom climbing final rise †

View from South Summit towards North Summit †

Greg and Tom on the summit ‡

View East from the summit †

View West from the summit ‡

Tom just below the summit †

Window in the rocks †

Tom next in line to rappel †

Tom rappelling †

Greg rappelling ‡

JJ rappelling †

Tom scoping out the 200ft rappel †

Tom starting rappel †

Tom in mid-rappel †

Greg near bottom of long rappel ‡

Seneca Rocks over field of mustard weed †

Seneca behind Greg and Tom †

Seneca Rocks Visitors Center †

† Greg Scharer Photographer

‡ Tom Herrick Photographer