Pine Creek, Zion National Park, Utah

05/22/07 Dan and Greg

Greg and Dan at trailhead for Pine Creek ‡

View into Pine Creek ‡

Greg rappelling in full wetsuite ‡

Dan in wetsuite ‡

Greg in the canyon ‡

Dan at base of rappel in pool ‡

Greg about to rappel ‡

Greg and view into canyon ‡

Greg on rappel ‡

Dan at the Cathedral ‡

Greg in the Cathedral ‡

View up from the base of the Cathedral ‡

Dan in the Cathedral ‡

Greg navigating the canyon ‡

Dan in the canyon ‡

Dan with canyon wall view ‡

Dan striking a pose ‡

Dan at a wide spot ‡

Greg at a wide spot ‡

Greg enjoying a swim in a narrows section ‡

Dan with Tunnel window in the background ‡

View from outlet of canyon into Zion ‡

Dan starting final rappel ‡

Dan in mid rappel ‡

Greg in pool during exit hike down Pine Creek ‡

Greg swimming ‡

Dan in the pool ‡

† Greg Scharer Photographer

‡ Dan Lucier Photographer