Birch Hollow, Orderville, and the Narrows, Zion National Park, Utah

05/20/07 Dan, Greg and Joe

Orderville BLM sign †

Joe and Greg during Birch Hollow Approach ‡

End of Birch Hollow Approach prior to dirt glissade †

View at first rap station †

Dan and Greg in the canyon †

Another big drop †

Dan near base of rappel †

Rappel †

Greg on rappel ‡

Dan rappelling with Joe at top †

Canyon walls view †

Another canyon walls view †

Yet another †

Dan on rappel †

Dan on rappel †

Greg on rappel †

Greg on rappel †

Dan and Greg at base of rappel ‡

View up to chock stone ‡

Greg at exit of Birch into Orderville ‡

Greg in Orderville ‡

Joe and Dan celebrate successful traverse of Birch Hollow ‡

Greg and walls of Orderville ‡

Dan and Greg ‡

Dan in Orderville ‡

Greg by giant stump in Orderville ‡

† Greg Scharer Photographer

‡ Dan Lucier Photographer