The Priest 05/18/03

The Priest from Rt 151

The Priest in the mist

Rhododendron I

Rhododendron II

Rhododendron III

Rhododendron IV

Rhododendron V

Rhododendron VI

Rhododendron VII

Rhododendron VIII

Rhododendron IX

Rhododendron X

Rhododendron XI

Azalea I

Azalea II

Azalea III

Summit Ferns I

Summit Ferns II

4000ft Overlook I

4000ft Overlook II

New Leaves on the Summit

Foaming Dead Tree at Summit

Approaching 3000ft Overlook

View from 3000ft Overlook I

View from 3000ft Overlook II

Rhododendron XII

Mountain Laurel I

Mountain Laurel II

Oak Leaves in the Rain

Maple Leaves in the Rain

Lower Cascade 1300ft

Three Ridges in the Mist