Organ Caves , Ronceverte, West Virginia 05/06/06

Lipps to Main Through Trip

Alain Hajjar, Dan Lucier, Ron Herzig, and Greg Scharer

Guides: Joyce, Janie and Janet

Special Guests: Jeremy and Justin

Alain arriving ‡

Alain, Ron, and Greg ‡

Dan and Alain riding to the Lipps entrance ‡

Janet ‡

Dan ‡

Ron and Greg ‡

Final approach to Lipps entrance ‡

Climbing the fence ‡

Greg looking out ‡

Dan and Ron looking in ‡

Bones near the entrance (cow?) ‡

Dan about to downclimb †

Janie and Joyce building a cairn †

Alain on a ledge †

Navigating an easy straddle ‡

Alain, Greg, and Ron about to downclimb ‡

Joyce ‡

Column - possibly in the column room †

Dan and column †

Column detail †

Another column †

Formation details †

Well casing drilled right into the cave ‡

Cave Crickets †

Flowstone formation ‡

Ron and the Genoa Salami †

Ron, Janie, and Joyce at a break ‡

Greg, Janet, and Ron ‡

Alain and Dan ‡

Dan and Greg ‡

Alain ‡

Cavitations in the ceiling mud †

Curtain stalactites †

Ron in Hells Chasm †

Dan at the end of the Lipps Maze †

Dan with the map †

Alain at Pendulum Rock ‡

Jeremy resting ‡

Greg ‡

Dan and Greg ‡

Alain approaching the breeze way ‡

Alain traversing a tight passage ‡

Alain emerging from a crawl ‡

Greg ‡

Ron in the Hanley Room ‡

Jaine and Alain in the Hanley Room ‡

Justin and Alain ‡

Dan and cave bacon ‡

Janet tearing into cave bacon ‡

Entering Hanley Silo ‡

Downclimbing Hanley Silo ‡

Janet at bottom of Hanley Silo ‡

Ron at Hanley Column ‡

Alain in the Thrown ‡

Light at the end of the tunnel ‡

Alain and Dan about to exit ‡

Not so clean anymore ‡

† Greg Scharer Photographer

‡ Dan Lucier Photographer