The Making of 
Venison Sausage 2004

Venison Hind Quarters

Greg Grinding Meat for the Sausage (Pork in this picture to mix with the darker venison)

Weighing Ground Venison

Measuring Sausage Seasoning (Polish in this picture)

Applying Sausage Seasoning to the Ground Venison and Pork Mixture

Preparing Intestinal Casings (the casings come packed in salt, soaking them prior to use increases their strength and ductility)

Wendy Applying Casings to Casing Packing Funnel

Sausage Extruding from Grinder into Casing

Sausage on tray prior packaging

Portioning the Sausage into Meal Sized Packages (c. 1 lb)

When Sausage Attacks!